Screen Printing

Printing t-shirts and other(hand printed):

One of mine pre-designed t-shirts: €14/t-shirt, basic T-shirt

Own design or commission work:

  • Start price:
    • If you have your own design drawn out in black and white

To make a drawing ready for printing:

  • Lighting Film: €7
  • Screen preparing: €17
  • If you have something in mind, I can design everything from the start: then making drawing ready for printing(€24) +Design drawing price depends on the design
  • Price / t-shirt: €8
  • Price / canvas with frame:
    • €12 (50×70 cm)
    • €7 (30×40)

Also possible on clothes or bags I make, look for indications of the price on items you like. Or contact me and ask for more info on your proposal.

Ink is:


De kleuren van de HyperPrint TEXBASIC-serie voldoen aan de Oeko-Tex Standaard 100 klasse I en zijn geschikt voor de productie van baby- en kinderkleding.

  • inkten bevatten geen oplosmiddelen
  • inkten bevatten geen zware metalen
  • inkten bevatten geen giftige pigmenten
  • inkten bevatten geen PVC

products are Eco-Friendly, free of Formaldehyde, Apeo, PVC’s and Heavy Metals.

3 t-shirts same print = 3x€8 + start price = 48 (/3 = 16 /t shirt)

20 t-shirts same print = 20x€8 + start price = 184 (/20 = 9.20 /t shirt)

Have your own screen available for as long as it goes, I keep it ready-made, and you can ask more prints whenever, without paying starting price over again. You can change colour and printing surface, but the design(logo) will be the same and same measurements for each print. €35

Screen printing prices are all for one colour prints, more colour prints might be possible but with start price/colour and still difficult to do until I have a rotary system holder.